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  • How much does it cost?
  • Fees are based on the send and receive location, and the dollar amount being sent. Use our Calculator to find out how much your particular transaction will cost. In addition to the transfer fee, a currency exchange rate may apply.

  • Can the money get there in less than 24hrs?
  • Yes

  • How will the transaction be paid out to the beneficiary?
  • Money transfers are typically paid out in cash of the local currency depending on destination, dollar amount and availability. Other methods of payout could include: travelers check, money order, demand draft, or a combination of methods. International payouts vary based on local laws and availability as well.

  • How much can I send at one time?
  • Amount sent will vary by agent location; contact our office to review the amount according to the destination you wish to send your money.

  • What should I do if my receiver is having trouble picking up the transaction?
  • Verify that your receiver is at the correct agent location. Make sure they have the correct reference/confirmation number. Check that your receiver has a valid ID, and that the ID matches the receipt received. For further assistance, contact us at 1-866-NOORANI.

  • What does my beneficiary need to claim funds?
  • The receiver must display a valid ID.

  • Will I have to fill out a registration form every time I send money?
  • No. Once you fill out and submit our registration form we will have your records saved for future transactions. Your next transaction can be completed by simply calling our office.

  • Do I have to show my ID or social security number every time I send money?
  • No. For transactions less than $3000.00 we do not require ID.

  • Who can use S. Noorani International money transferring services?
  • Anyone living within the USA.

  • Why should a user trust S. Noorani International Inc.?
  • All transactions are secured and our company is bonded and insured by an A-rated independent company.

  • Why is S. Noorani International Inc. safe?
  • We do not share any information with third parties or law firms.

  • Is there a limit on the number of beneficiaries per customer account?
  • No. You may have as many beneficiaries as you need.

  • How is S. Noorani International Inc. better than other services?
  • S. Noorani International Inc. transaction fees are minimal and our exchange rates are among the best. We do not charge hidden fees or extra fees for different delivery options.

  • Is there a limit to how much I can remit in a single transaction?
  • There is no limit.

Current Rates

Rates subject to change at anytime without notice & "These rate are for the transaction amounts 1000 USD & above."

Australia 1.01
Bangladesh 76.00
Canada 1.03
India Cash Pickup 59.50
India 59.50
Nepal 94.75
Pakistan 95.00
SriLanka 127.00
UAE 3.55
UK 0.55
Mexico 12.80

Last updated:
4/18/2014 10:15:30 AM (CST)

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